Flex Your Head Episode February 4, 2020

February 4 2020

6:00pm - 7:52pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Undying · The Whispered Lies Of Angels
An Epitaph
Darkest Hour · So Sedated So Secure
In The Passing Of A Season
Cauldron · Last Words Screamed Behind God's Muzzle
Burn Away · demo
Alternate Action · Violent Crime
Serration · Ease Yourself Back Into Consciousness
The Light
The Greatest Sons · Last Night On Earth
Jawstruck · Peace Through Pain
Juice · demo
Hidden In Plain Sight
Take Offence · Keep An Eye Out
The Sound Of Triumph
Rain Of Salvation · The Sound Of Triumph
You Were The Gasoline
Mortality Rate · You Were The Gasoline
Get Out Of Our Way
The Old Firm Casuals · Holger Danske
Let Me Wear The Mask
Woolworm · Awe
The Final Say
Reliever · 2020 Vision
Burning Out
Putrid Brew · With Love
Ghaul · demo
No Right · Senescence
Amongst Inverted Castles And Holy Laughter
Spirit Possession · demo
Shallow End · Urban Decay
Somewhere In The Middle
Alien Boys · Night Danger
Twilight Burns
Morne · Rust
The Uninvited
Chain Cult · Shallow Grave
Choked Up · Dichoso Corazon
Don't Really Think
Restraing Order · This World Is Too Much
Cold Shoulder · promo
Push Me Around / Abuse Of Power
The Annihilated · demo
City Stench
Starvation · Nuclear Suicide
Amber Alert
Chain Whip · 14 Lashes
Talk To The Therapist
Headcheese · demo