Flex Your Head Episode January 21, 2020

January 21 2020

6:02pm - 7:52pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Career Suicide · Sars EP
Triumph Of Life
Fucked Up · Hidden World
The Bigger Picture
Backbite · Choking On Life
Savage Beat · split w/ Death Ridge Boys
Glass On Ice
Arctic Flowers · Straight To The Hunter
Death Of You
Sore Points · s/t
In The Light
Putrid Brew · With Love
Enemies In Red
Dying Wish · s/t
Keep An Eye Out
Take Offense · Keep An Eye Out
Jokes On You
Never Ending Game · Welcome To The
Nuclear Suicide
Starvation · Nuclear Suicide
Mother Chaos
Alien Boys · Night Danger
The Skins Are Out Tonight
The Take · s/t
One Way Street
Alternate Action · Violent Crime
Juice · s/t
Bushido Code · Dying Virtues Vol. 1
Dog Breath
Wirehead · demo
Initiate · s/t
Brave And Free
Caged · Dying Rage Of A Dying Planet
Nothing / No Compromise
Punitive Damage · demo
Minority Of One · Present Tense
Nerve Damage
Swear Jar · s/t
First Kill
Android · Chapter 001
Blood Ties · demo
No Right · Senescence
A World Laid Bare
Burn Away · demo
To Rust
Morne · Rust
Mortality Rate · You Were The Gasoline
Shades Of Blue
Shallow End · Urban Decay
Get Me Out
Video Prick · demo