Flex Your Head Episode January 7, 2020

January 7 2020

5:59pm - 7:58pm

Top 30 punk songs from vancouver bands

Track Listing:

The Prisoner
DOA · Punk Rock Singles
Live To Die
Death Sentence · Not A Pretty Sight
Looking Back
Brand New Unit · No Heroes
Firing Squad
Subhumans · Death Was Too Kind
Sparkmarker · 500wattburneratseven
dbs · Tales Fomr The Crib
Steveston Mike Can Mosh To This Anyday / I Dance To Trance In Garbage Bag Pants
Daggermouth · Stallone
Self Appointed Leader
Gob · How Far Shallow Takes You
WhatYou Gonna Do?
Emergency · 1234
Bro Etiquette
Slingshot · Shmer
Strain · Here And Now
We're Not Like You
Alternate Action · Thin Line
Tonight We Rejoice
Three Inches Of Blood · demo
In Stride · demo
When It All Falls Through
September · split w/ Truth About Angels
Charlie Still Smirks
One Thousand Lies
Burden · Strength Of Conviction
Speaking Of Heroes · Familiar Illustrations
Vacant State · Internal Conflict
Skate In The Heart
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. · Worms
Half A Velediction
Reserve 34 · Raincity Games
Set Foot · Aging
The World To Me
By A Thread · The Last Of The Daydreams
Run You Through
Blue Monday · What's Done Is Done
Dancing On Their Ruins
The Attack · Mental Health
Woolworm · No Caps
Our Mistakes
Go It Alone · Vancouver Gold
Dancing In The Front Row
Tranzmitors · Busy Singles
Drown With The Monsterq
White Lung · Deep Fantsy
Tempest · Passages