Flex Your Head Episode December 17, 2019

December 17, 2019

6:01pm - 7:51pm

Avrinder Dhillon Top 30

Track Listing:

Drink Rum And Eggnog
Angry Snomans · s/t
Going Psycho
Warzone · Fight For Justice
One Of My Lies
Green Day · Kerplunck
The War Will Never End
Fleas And Lice · Global Destruction
Salt For Your Wounds
AFI · Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes
State Of Mind
Figure Four · Suffering The Loss
Logical End
Brother Inferior · Anthems For A Greater Salvation
Wind Spitting Punk
Swinging Utters · A Juvenile Product of the Working Class
The Crowd
Operation Ivy · s/t
Plant The Seed
Left For Dead · Splitting Heads
Roots Or Radicals
Rancid · And Out Come The Wolves
Making Friends
Lagwagon · Double Pladinum
Years From Now
Good Riddance · Ballads From The Revolution
Less Talk More Rock
Propagandhi · Less Talk More Rock
Face The Truth
Misconduct · A Change
Dead In Your Tracks
The Pist · Ideas Are Bullerproof
Live Free
Youth Of Today · We're Not InThis Alone
Dying Degree
NOFX · Punk In Drublic
Never Met The Gooch
Kid Dynamite · s/t
Stand Still
Gorilla Biscuits · Start Today
Not For me
Floorpunch · Fast Times At The Jersey Shore
In Our Hands
Battery · Until The End
Carpe Diem
The Nerve Agents · s/t
Kill Your Past
Buried Alive · The Death Of Your Perfect World
Broken Bubble
Ten Foot Pole · Rev
Soaked In Torment
All Out War · For those Who Were Crucified
Head Under Water
Satanic Surfers · Hero of Our Time
Heckle · The Complicated Futility Of Ignorance
Enduring The test Of Time
Sum Of All Fears · Fomr This Day Forward
It May Be Out Of Fashion
Better Than A Thousand · Rebirth Of Hardcore
Chain Of Strength · True Till Death