Flex Your Head Episode November 12, 2019

November 12, 2019

6:01pm - 8:02pm

Kyle Richardson Top 30

Track Listing:

Woolworm · Awe
Woolworm · Awe
Hold The Bow
Woolworm · Awe
Wooolworm · Awe
Woolworm · Awe
Live For You
Woolworm · Awe
Might As Well
Woolworm · Awe
Much Too Much
Woolworm · Awe
Can't be Fucked
Woolworm · Awe
Without Will
Woolworm · Awe
Let Me Wear The Mask
Woolworm · Awe
Woe Is Me
Woolworm · Awe
Waiting Room
Fugazi · 13 Songs
Empty Useless Air
Brand New Unit · Empty Useless Air
High School Heroics
Belvedere · Becasue No One Stopped us
Remember Death
Mute · Resistance
Strung Out · Black Out The Sky
Trusty Cords
Hot Water Music · Caution
Self Appointed Leader
Gob · How Far Shallow Takes You
Rise Above
Black Flag · Damaged
Strain · Here And Now
Another Day
Means To An End · Destained To Fall
Fade Away
Burden · Strength Of Conviction
Lassie's Last Dance
Daggermouth · Stallone
Mcrackins · Back To The Crack
By A Thread · The last Of The Daydreams
Dim The Lights
Handsome · s/t
In Reach
Choke · Needless To Say
Failed Imagineer
Propagandhi · Victory Lap
NOFX · WHite Trash Two Heebs And A Bean
England Belongs to Me
Cock Sparrer · Shock Troops
New Noise
Refused · The Shape Of Punk To Come
Suburban Home
Descendents · Milo Goes To College