Flex Your Head Episode September 24, 2019

Sept. 24 2019

6:01pm - 7:59pm

Andrew Patillo Top 30

Track Listing:

Hanging Around
Screeching Weasel · Wiggle
Disappearing Boy
Green Day · 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
I Wanna Live
Ramones · Half Way To Sanity
Celebrated Summer
Husker Du · New Day Rising
Look Back And Laugh
Minor Threat · Complete Discography
Dag Nasty · Can I Say?
Leatherface · Mush
Vanilla Blue
Naked Raygun · Jettison
Modern Man
Bad Religion · Against The Grain
Without Love
Propagandhi · Supporting Caste
Weight Of The World
Good Riddance · A Comprehensive Guide To Modern Rebellion
I Got Your Number
Cock Sparrer · Shock Troops
Blind Justice
Agnostic Front · Victim In Pain
Safe In A Crowd
Breakdown · demo
The Hard Way
Outburst · NYHC Where The Wild Things Are
My Reason
Killing Time · Brightside
Turning Point · The Few And The Proud
Just How Much
Chain Of Strength · True Till Death
Like You
Judge · Bringin It Down
Take A Stand
Youth Of Today · Break Down The Walls
Is Anybody There?
Alone In A Crowd · s/t
Side By Side · You're Only Young Once
Plead Your Case
Right Brigade · s/t
Intro / Changes
Floorpunch · Division One Champs
Roll With The Punches
Carry On · A Life Less Plagued
Far From Close
Count Me Out · 110
What Remains
Mouthpiece · What Was Said
Across Your Face
Madball · Dropping Many Suckas
High Hopes
Gorilla Biscuits · Start Today
Glory Bound
Ten Yard Fight · The Only Way
Pushed Too Far
Sick Of It All · Blood Sweat And No Tears