Flex Your Head Episode September 10, 2019

September 10 2019

5:58pm - 7:59pm

Fin's Top 30

Track Listing:

Something To Lose
The Cleats · s/t
Mohican Tunes
Oxymoron · Fuck The Nineties Here's Our Noize
Ugly Part Of Town
The War Goes On · s/t
Pleasure To Have In Class
Suicide File · Some Mistakes You'll Never Stop Paying For
I want The Moon
Leatherface · Razor Blades And Aspirin
Inside Out · No Spiritual Surrender
Wisdom in Chains · We Never Sleep
Future Waves
Mental · Planet Mental
God Bless The SOS
The Explosion · Flash Flash Flash
Youth Brigade · BYO Comp
Composite Character
End Of The Year · You Are Beneath Me
Another State Of Mind
Social Distortion · Greatest Hits
The Drug Is Football
Vanilla Muffins · The Drug Is Football
General Strike
Wednesday Night Heroes · s/t
Brotherhood And Sisterhood
Warzone · Fight For Justice
True Believers
Bouncing Souls · How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Down By Law
Madball · Set It Off
Agnostic Front · Something's Gotta Give
Teach Me To Kill
Slapshot · 16 Value Hate
Fill In The Blanks
Ignite · A Place Called Home
Friends Till The End
Millencolin · Life On A Plate
My Home
Perkele · Voice Of Anger
Creepers Skulls Kick Concrete In Our World
Toy Tiger · s/t
Slogans Symbols And Lies
Observers · So What's Left Now?
Systems Overload
Integrity · Systems Overload
Guttersnipe · s/t
Can't Kill The Blues With A Gun
Anti Heroes · That's Right / Don't Tread On Me
Jack O' Lantern
Riverboat Gamblers · Backsides
Knucklehead · The New Black List
On Parole
Motorhead · s/t