Flex Your Head Episode August 20, 2019

August 20 2019

6:00pm - 7:35pm

Gregory Adams Top 30

Track Listing:

Jon Specer Blues Explosion · Now I Got Worry
Caught By The Fuzz
Super Grass · I SHould Coa Coa
Something I Learned Today
Husker Du · Zen Arcade
Boiler Maker
The Jesus Lizzard · Liar
Pins And Needles
Deadguy · Victory Style
Only Friend
Gouge Away · Burnt Sugar
The Big Takeover
Bad Brains · s/t
Lie Cheat And Steal
Government Issue · Flex Your Head
Hatred For Authority
Pipebomb · s/t
I'm Only A Kid
Resreve 34 · Live from CITR
Custer's Last One Night Stand
Gob · s/t
Beef Hits
Dumb · Club Nites
Religious Vomit
Dead Kennedy's · In God We Trust Inc.
Two On Glue
NOFX · Fuck The Kids
Ink And Dagger · Drive This Seven Inch Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart
Intro To Photography
Swing Kids · Discography
Automatic Midnight
Hot Snakes · Automatic Midnight
Jasmine · split w/ Elements Of Need
Goodies Power
Assfactor 4 · Smoked Out
I Cut My Teeth
The VSS · Gravity 25
Leaders Of Men
Joy Division · 1977-1980
Head Hits Concrete
The Locust · s/t
Stab Your Back
The Damned · Damned Dmaned Damned
I'm Coming Over
X · Los Angeles
The Ramones · s/t
TV Casualty
The Misfits · Static Age
Jocko Homo
Devo · Greatest Misses
False Jesii Part 2
Pissed Jeans · King Of Jeans
In Control
Agnostic Front · Last Warning
Search For Divinity
Integrity · Systems Overload