Flex Your Head Episode July 23, 2019

July 23 2019

6:00pm - 7:58pm

Matt top 30

Track Listing:

American Nightmare · Background Music
Dead Coach's Corner
Propagandhi · Supporting Caste
Racist School
dbs · Tales From The Crib
dbs · Tales From The Crib
dbs · I Is For Insignificant
Galeon's Lap
dbs · If Life Were A Result We'd All Be Dead
Letter To You
dbs · Forget Everything You Know
Half A Validiction
Reserve 34 · Rain City Games
Reserve 34 · Game Over
Set To Go
Reserve 34 · Rain City Games
Reserve 34 · Game Over
Tongue Tied
Reserve 34 · Rain City Games
The Farthest Place From Here
Sinking Ships · Meridian
Bane · Holding This Moment
The View
Carry On · A LIfe Less Plagued
Taking It Back
Allegiance · Desperation
Go It Alone · Vancouver Gold
The Only Blood Between Us
Go It Alone · The Only Blood Between Us
Material Desires
Get The Most · Common Goals
This Is My War
Ceremony · Violence Violence
Backside Disaster
In Stride · Place Of Decay
Your Name Here
AFI · Answer That And Stay Fashionable
A Single Second
AFI · Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes
Bro Etiquette
Slingshot · Shmer
Shook Ones · The Unquotable AMH
Self Appointed Leader
Gob · How Far Shallow Takes You
Rancid · Life Won't Wait
Forest Fire
Dead Kennedy's · Plastic Surgery Disasters
Too Fast Too Powerslide
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. · Bobognargnar
Six Day Weekend
Chain Whip · demo