Flex Your Head Episode June 4, 2019

June 4 2019

5:58pm - 8:02pm

Kenny Lush Top 30 Punk and hardcore Songs

Track Listing:

Don't Hate Me
The Get Up Kids · Four Minute Mile
The Ballad Of Johnny X
The Bouncing Souls · Maniacal Laughter
Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
Kid Dynamite · Shorter Faster Louder
Leatherface · split w/ Hot Water Music
Face To Face · s/t
Joni Mitchell Tapes
SNFU · Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes
Chesterfield King
Jawbreaker · Bivouac
Gob · Too Late No Friends
New Direction
Gorilla Biscuits · Start Today
Letters Home
Good Riddance · Operation Phoenix
The Boy's No Good
Lifetime · s/t
In Circles
Sunny Day Real Estate · Diary
An Uninspired Spire Houses None
Manner Farm · Ideas Result From The Deeds...
Shamus' Nuts
I Spy · Perversity is Spreading And Its About Time
dbs · Some Boys Got It Most Men Dont
Outlive The Man
Sensefield · Building
Find The One
Strain · Our End
Sparkmarker · 500wattburneratseven
Al's War
Less Than Jake · Hello Rockview
Record Store
Buck O Nine · Twenty Eight Teeth
Lag Wagon · Hoss
Dying Of Laughter
Final Fight · Under Attack
Brooklyn Dodgers
I Am The Avalanche · Avalanche United
She Found You
Samiam · You Are Freaking Me Out
Red And Blue Jeans
The Promise Ring · Nothing Feels Good
Moonpies For Misfits
Hot Water Music · s/t
Crunch Time In Tooth Town
Shook Ones · Sixteen
The Alkaline Trio · Remains
August 8th
NOFX · Heavy Petting Zoo
Partners In Crime
Comeback Kid · Wake The Dead