Flex Your Head Episode May 28, 2019

May 28 2019

5:59pm - 7:54pm

mark Gone Mad top 30

Track Listing:

Suicide's An Alternative
Suicidal Tendencies · s/t
Death Sentence · Not A Pretty Sight
I Don't Need Society
DRI · Dirty Rotten LP
Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Dead Kennedy's · In God We Trust Inc.
New World
Jerry's Kids · Is This My World
State Oppression
Raw Power · Screams From The Gutter
We Will Not
Bad Brains · Rock For Light
In My Eyes
Minor Threat · In My Eyes
Ready To Fight
Negative Approach · Total Recall
My Friends And The Pit
Impact Unit · My Friend The Pit
All I Ask
Breakdown · Blacklisted
The Hard Way
Outburst · Where The Wild Things Are
Back Track
Raw Deal · Where The Wild Things Are
Ashes Ashes
Sheer Terror · Just Can't Hate Enough
Victim In Pain
Agnostic Front · Victim In Pain
Dance Hard Or Die
Warzone · Open Your Eyes
Flame Still Burns
Youth Of Today · We're Not In This Alone
Rat Pack & My Life
Sick Of It All · Blood Sweat And No Tears
Once Again
Hoods · Alone
Ski Mask And A 45
Cold As Life · Born To Land Hard
Fallen Prey
Path Of Resistance · Who Dares Wins
Systems Overload
Integrity · Systems Overload
Skate Rockl
Billy Club Sandwich · Chin Music
Everybody Gets Hurt · Demo Daze
Smackin' You Up
25 ta Life · Friendship Loyalty Commitment
Madball · Set It Off
Vicious Bastards
Vacant State · Fill The Void
See It My Way
Keep It Clear · A Lesson That You're Gonna Learn
Nothing To You
Hit The Bricks · demo
Here And Now
Strain · Here And Now
Gone But Not Forgotten · Seattel Crew
No Escape
Your Probelm · Vicimt Of Life
Ides Of March
Putrid Brew · Return To The Valley
Bitter End · Guilty As Charged
Ice Cold · Both Guns Blazing
Cross Check
Cross Check · More Than The X
Narrow View · Caught In A Trap
Until We're Free
Dissent · Behind The Lies