Flex Your Head Episode May 14, 2019

Jason Kolins top 30

6:03pm - 8:01pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

We Gotta Know
Cro Mags · Age Of Quarrel
Agnostic Front · Liberty And Justice For...
I Against I
Bad Brains · I Against I
What's Goin' On
Sick Of It All · We Stand Alone
Young Until I Die
7 Seconds · The Crew
Killing Time · Brightside
At Both Ends
Undertow · At Both Ends
Hold Your Ground
Gorilla Biscuits · s/t
For The Kids
Trial · Through The Darkest Days
Forget This Time
Judge · The Storm
Taken Back
Strain · Cycle
In Your Face
Slapshot · Step On It
Judgement Day
Integrity · Those Who Fear Tomorrow
For My Enemies
Madball · NYHC EP
Biohazard · Urban Diacipline
Break It Down
Fireburn · Don't Stop The Youth
Rest In Peace
Icemen · Rest In Peace
Burning Fight
Inside Out · No Spiritual Surrender
Crumbsuckers · B.O.M.B.
Nothing Sacred
Powerhouse · No Regrets
Five Golden Rings
Rest In Pieces · Under My Skin
Strife · In This Defiance
A18 · All My Heroes Are Dead
Crown Of Thornz · Mentally Vexed
Free At Last
Warzone · split w/ Cause For Alarm
Push It Away
Terror · Lowest Of The Low
Those Who Were
Excessive Force · In Your Blood
Da Lowdown
25 Ta Life · Keeping It Real
Sick People
Breakdown · NYHC The Way Things Are
No Escape · Escape It
Slip 2 The Crypt
Stepping Stone · Unreal Form