Flex Your Head Episode April 9, 2019

April 9 2019

6:00pm - 7:36pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Stupid World
Dayglo Abortions · Feed Us A Fetus
Our Mistakes
Go It Alone · Vancouver Gold
Down The Drain
Savage Beat · Wired
Enemies · No Sympathy
Not Our Flame
Morne · 1.27.2019
Alien Boys · Night Danger
Day Or Night
Wirehead · s/t
Pay The Price
Feed · Tour Tape
Under Waves Lies Our Dead
Solstice · White Horse Hill
One Way Friends
Neighborhood Brats · Claw Marks
Yours Truly / Grave Chaser
Criminal Instinct · Yours Truly
Expose The Lies
Christ Air · EP
Old Firm Casuals · Holger Danske
Army Of One
Drain · promo 2018
Nothing Left
Ghaul · demo
Wasted Breath · Extinction
Mindforce · split w/ Dead heat
Transona 6
Antagonize · 2018 promo
Speaking Out
Big Takeover · s/t
Grown To Despise
Culminate · demo
Fall From Grace
Dying Wish · spit w/ Serration
Symbolic Annihilation
No Right · Unjustified
Culture Abuse · Bay Dream