Flex Your Head Episode March 12, 2019

March 12 2019

5:58pm - 7:03pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

No Words
Verse · 4 Songs
Victims · In Blood
Autumn's Final Sun
Dying Wish · split w/ Serration
Under The Sign Of Christ
Night People · s/t
Maximum Suffering
Erosion · Maximum Suffering
All Talk
Faim · s/t
A Day Of Asylum
Serration · split w/ Dying Wish
Alien Boys · Night Danger
Slip 2 The Crypt
Stepping Stone · Unreal Form
Outpatient · 5 Track EP
Ready 2 Receive U
Angel Dust · Rock The Fuck On Forever
Feel The Heat
The Elite · demo
Quiet Voices
Territories · s/t
To What End
Wake Of Humanity · Fight Resist
Whiskey In The Water
Bugg · s/t
Dumpster Values
Neighborhood Brats · Claw Marks
One Step
Arctic Flowers · Straight To The Hunter
Meantime · Mixtape Vol. 1