Flex Your Head Episode February 19, 2019

Feb. 19 2019

6:01pm - 7:26pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Wrtong Place Wrong Time
Final Word · Fools Like You
Irate · demo
California Cursed
Drain · promo 2019
Alien Boys · Night Danger
Hollowed Tombs
Failed States · Satan Is My Lord
Incendiary · Thousand Mile Stare
Satanic Pimp
Juice · demo
Pretty Meaningless
1982 · 1982
Pious Fraud
Forewarned · Unforgiving Years
The Dividing Line · Turn My Back On The World
Land Of Dreams
Antagonize · demo
Old Chaos
Outpatient · 5 Track EP
The Bloods Is Our Own
Morne · To The Night Unknown
The Lion's Roar
Terminal City Rats · s/t
No Right
No Right · Unjustified
Lost Generation
Down For Life · Harder Than Hell
More Than Rust
Night People · s/t
Suicide Pt. 1 & 2
Swear Jar · s/t
Fall From Grace
Dying Wish · split w/ Serration
Fifth World
Petite · II
Boiling Point
Serration · split w/ Dying Wish
All Talk
Faim · s/t