Flex Your Head Episode December 4, 2018

Dec. 4 2018

6:01pm - 7:55pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Drink Rum And Eggnog
Angry Snomans · s/t
Oi To The World
The Vandals · Oi To The World
Merry Christmas ( I Don't Want TGo Fight Tonight )
The Ramoms · Merry Xmas
Plague Of Discontent
Drown In Ashes · Ruination
Executioner's Tax
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Of Oneself
Morning Again · Survival Instinct
One Thousand Needles
Bison · One Thousand Needles
Screw · demo
Broken Glass Complexion
Vein · Errorzone
Quartier Populaire
Beton Arme · s/t
It's Still Not Enough
Wake Of Humanity · Fight//Resist
Pay The Price
Feed · tour tape
The Prophet Who Saw Fire
Sanction · The Infringement Of God's Plan
Light In The Dark
Teeth To Your Throat · demo
I Need A Torch
Night Birds · Roll Credits
Vaults · Vol. 1
One More Day
Honour Guard · demo
On Sight
Sedition · demo
Lie · Hounds
Death Of Youth
Meantime · promo
At The Gate
Juice · demo
Human Error
Erosion · Maximum Suffering
Midlife Crisis
Faim · s/t
Let's Bomb East Van
Chain Whip · s/t
Bootlicker · Who Do You Serve
Warheads · s/t
Record Of Sin
Fixation · Marked
Dead End Road
Backbite · Choking On Life
One Step
Arctic Flowers · Straight To The Hunters
Autumn's Final Sun
Dying Wish · split w/ Serration
No Words
Swear Jar · s/t