Flex Your Head Episode November 20, 2018

Nov. 20 2018

6:01pm - 7:59pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Guilty Of Being White
Minor Threat · demo
Family Tree
H2O · s/t
Midlife Crisis
Faim · s/t
Custer's Last One Night Stand
Gob · Too Late No Friends
Backbite · Choking On Life
Fix Me
Black Flag · Nervous Breakdown
Nerve Damage
Swear Jar · s/t
Last Will And Testement
Frustration · Dying Breed
Satanic Pimp
Juice · demo
Boys Night Out
Legit · demo
Swear Jar · s/t
Turnpike Gates
Lifertime · Jersey's Best Dancers
Bound By Contrition
Dying Wish · s/t
No Cigar
Millencolin · Pennybridge Pioneers
Bitter End
Swear Jar · s/t
Buried Alive
Christ Air · EP
Feels Like Red
Shook Ones · Body Feel
Arctic Flowers · Straight To The Hunter
Not Permanent
Swear Jar · s/t
Blood Orange Sun
Heart Attack Man · The Manson Family
Late Stage Capitalism
Neighborhood Brats · Claw Marks
Six Day Weekend
Chain Whip · demo
Swear Jar · s/t
Symbolic Annihilation
No Right · Unjustified
Rock High
Prescriptions · demo
Enemies · No Sympathy
No Words
Swear Jar · s/t