Flex Your Head Episode September 25, 2018

Sept. 25 2018

6:02pm - 7:50pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Taken Away
Ignite · Past Our Means
A Day in The Life
No Warning · s/t
Career Suicide · Machine Response
No Walls No Curtains
Career Suicide · Machine Response
Bound By Contrition
Dying Wish · s/t
Running Away
Feed · tour tape
Pure Fury
Judiciary · split w/ Mortality Rate
Will Of Iron
Enemies · No Sympathy
Fasle Body · Wych Elm
Shadowed Road
Morne · To The Night Unknown
End Eternal
Vein · Errorzone
Cold Shoulder · Backlash
Watchdogs · Sanguinary
Hell's A Lot Better
Old Firm Casuals · Wartime Rick N Roll
Low Life
Shallow End · Terrorizing The Jam
Have A Nice Day
Powerbomb · In Your House
Jawstruck · EP
No Heart · split w/ The Opposition
World Of Fear
Putrid Brew · Rerturn To The Valley
The Standard
God Hand · s/t
Enemy In Blue
Steelhead · Enemy In Blue
End Result
Cheap Appeal · s/t
Sword And Scale
Fuming Mouth · s/t
Foul Mouth · Trauma
No Right · Unjustified
Grown To Despise
Culminate · demo
Higher Power · Soul Structure
Wasted Breath · Extinction
Dead End Road
Backbite · Choking On Life
Fixated On A Figure
Sanction · The Infringement Of God's Plan
Deserve To Die
Woolworm · Deserve To Die