Flex Your Head Episode August 21, 2018

Aug. 21 2018

6:01pm - 7:03pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Hammer Bros. · The Vitality
The Kiss Off
The Promise · Believer
Birthday Party
Lie · Hounds
Civil War
Forcde Majeure · s/t
Two Heavens
Night People · s/t
Never Fade
Class System · Civil Unrest
Mental Demolition
Terror · Total Retaliation
Vaults · Vol. 1
Spent Force
Petite · II
Judgement Day
Woolworm · Deserve To Die
Sick Shit · Persevere
Satanic Pimp
Juice · demo
Our Mothers Cry
Provoke · Fragments
All Talk
Faim · All Talk
Her Choice / Worthless
Your Problem · Victim Of Life
Eternal Return
Mind Prison · Ruins Of Love
Backbite · Choking On Life
Wasted Breath · Extinction