Flex Your Head Episode June 19, 2018

June 19 2018

6:01pm - 7:37pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

This Time Tomorrow · Nadir
Destined For Assimilation
DFA · Destined For Assimilation
Drown In Ashes · Social Collapse
Looking Inward
Higher Power · Soul Structure
Someone's Chasing Me
Corner Boys · demo
Baby She's Gone
Fashionism · Come On My Baby
Asocial · Dod At Kapitalismen
Downward Spiral
Foreseen · Grave Danger
How Many Chances / These Eyes
Chain Whip · demo
No Hands · Rewind And Repeat
Belonglessness Blues
Vaults · Vol. 1
World Report
Edge Of Despair · demo
Permanent Debt · demo
Judegement Day
Woolworm · Deserve To Die
Armed With Knives
Decomp · s/t
Eternal Return
Mind Prison · Ruins Of Love
Life Out Of Balance
Christ Air · EP
The New Rituals · More About Me Than You
Fathom Unknown
Hellshock · Shadows Of The Afterworld
Fainal Damage
World Demise · promo
Culminate · demo
Mercenary of Consequence
Dying Wish · s/t
Not Welcome
Instinct Of Survival · split w/ Fathom
Nes Pour Un Petit Pain
Force Majeure · s/t
Will Of Iron
Enemies · No Sympathies
Pace Maker
Pain Killer · demo
Griefwalker · s/t