Flex Your Head Episode May 29, 2018

May 29 2018

6:00pm - 7:58pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Looking Back
Brand New Unit · No Heroes
Trip At The Brain
Suicidal Tendencies · How Will I Laugh tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today
Still Stuck
C.H.E.W. · split w/ Rash
Fighting Drunk
King Cans · Summer Of Oi
Where We Belong
On The Ropes · demo
Deep Freeze
Brand New Unit · Diddley Squat
Life Out Of Balance
Christ Air · EP
Take 3
Rats In The Wall · Warbound
Driver 2000
Stepping Stone · Unreal Form
Brand New Unit · Under The Big Top
Out The Door
Brand New Unit · Empty Useless Air
Waiting Around To Die
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Serration · Shrine Of Eternal Life
Firewalker · promo
Have A Nice Life
Brand New Unit · No Heroes
Wasted Breath · Extinction
Forms Of Fear
Mortality Rate · split w/ Judiciary
Front Towards Enemy
Incendiary · Thousand Mile Stare
Land Of The Free
Brand New Unit · s/t
Sun Rock
Woolworm · Deserve To Die
Overstimulated World
Chain Whip · demo
Guerre Civile
Force Majeure · demo
Waste Of Time
Brand New Unit · Diddley Squat
Dead End Road
Backbite · Choking On Life
Your Problem · Victim Of Life
Her Choice
Your Problem · Victim of Life
Petite · II
Quickdraw Richie Rich
Brand New Unit · s/t
Corrode · Age Of Ruin
Two Heavens
Night People · demo
Indigo Child
Baptists · Beacon Of Faith
Brand New Unit · Under The Big Top
Do It For You
Brand New Unit · No Heroes