Flex Your Head Episode February 27, 2018

Feb. 27 2018

6:04pm - 7:47pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

In The Light Of Things
Sensefield · Building
If It's Here When We Get back It's Ours
Texas Is The Reason · s/t
No Work Today
Cheap Appeal · demo
One Of A Kind
Ashtray · demo
These Days
No Heart · split w/ The Opposition
Self Destruct
Chain Whip · demo
Intro / Step Up
The Opposition · split w/ No Heart
World Report
Edge Of Despair · demo
Tough Camp
Shandy · Tough Camp
The Jungle
Violent State · demo
Looking Inward
Higher Power · Soul Structure
Broken Shaken
Steelhead · Enemy in Blue
Two Heavens
Night People · s/t
Ideation : Self Destruct
Vein · Self Destruct
No Respect
Eaten Alive · Masterpiece Of Ignorance
Failure Payment
Gardener · demo II
Candy · demo
Contention · s/t
Superior Firepower
Mammoth Grinder · Cosmic Crypt
Conquered By Debt
Masterless Dogs · War At Home
Rats In The Wall · Warbound
Lion's Law · From The Storm
Formidable Darkness
Red Death · Formidable Darkness
Meantime · promo
Every Step Of The Way
Cock Sparrer · Forever
Your Light
Twin Rivals · Toronto Hardcore
Anti Venom
Primal Rite · Dirge Of Escapism
Alien Boys · Self Critical Theory
Die With Your Boots On
Integrity · Howling For The Nightmare Shall Consume
Incendiary · Thousand Mile Stare
Cease To Exist
Wasted Breath · demo
One Day
Shock Treatment · promo