Flex Your Head Episode December 5, 2017

dec 5 2017

6:00pm - 7:59pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Oi To The World
The Vandals · Oi To The World
Drink Rum And Eggnog
Angry Snomans · s/t
Christmas In New York
Bishops Green · Back To Our Roots
Reality's Wake
Sect · No Cure For Death
Anti Social Today
No Time · You'll Get Yours
Station To Station
Night People · demo
Lassie's Last Dance
Daggermouth · Stallone
Too Much On MY Hate
Cloaca · Dysphemism
Gonna Be Alright
Cock Sparrer · Forever
I've Been Around
Supercrush · s/t
Wandering Eyes
Balisong · Unity Or Else demo
Only Ache
Gardener · demo II
Grut Forever
Mourning · demo
Mortality Rate · split w/ Judiciary
God In The Crosshairs
Forge · demo
War At Home
Masterless Dogs · demo
Where We Belong
On The Ropes · demo
Guilty As Charged
Clear Cut · Kids Are Innocent
Purify Me
Complete Loss · demo
Visions Of Immortality
Pain · demo
This Ain't No Love Song
Knock Off · Like A Kick In The Head
Tunnel Vision
Contention · s/t
Fool's Vengence
Instant Death · demo
Haggatha · V
Against All Odds
Born Without Hope · demo
Judgement Day
Woolworm · Deserve To Die
Juke · demo
Vein · Self Destruct
Light In The Dark
Black PIlls · demo II
Rhythm Of Roses
Candy · Candy Says
Spirits · Unrest
Glory And War
Hanging Heart · Flood