Flex Your Head Episode September 26, 2017

Sept. 26 2017

6:01pm - 7:34pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Closet Monster
Voodoo Glow Skulls · Firme
Our Mistakes
Go It Alone · Vancouve Gold
Regress · Rotten Sabbatt
Over / Under
Anchoress · Anchoress Is Ruining My Life
Trust Issues · Finding Peace In The Darkness
Don't Shoot
Alien Boys · Self Critical Theory
Carry The Name
Freedom · Never Had A Chance
Still Standing
Sore Points · demo
Concrete · Iron Rose
Someone's Chasing Me
Corner Boys · demo
Foreseen · Grave Danger
Thought Prison
Enemies · s/t
Big Problem
The Complicators · s/t
Lost Cosmonaut / No
New Rituals · Sweets demo
Burn · Do Or Die
War Drums
Wasted Breath · demo
Deserve To Die
Woolworm · Deserve To Die
Against All Odds
Born Without Hope · demo
Cold Shoulder · Self War
Screw · demo
Too Much On My Plate
Cloaca · Dyspheminism
Defy The Odds
Selective Aggression · demo
In The Grips
Woe Monger · 2017
The Changing Tides
Twin Rivals · demo