Flex Your Head Episode August 1, 2017

Aug 1 2017

6:03pm - 8:00pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Take Warning
Operation Ivy · s/t
What I Mean To You / AMMDC
Haymaker · s/t
Following The Voice
Anciients · Voice Of The Void
Palm Reader
Woe Monger · demo
I've Had Enough
Cock Sparrer · Forever
Executioner's Tax
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Acid Sweat
Seer · Cult Of The Void
I Don't Like It
The New Rituals · Sweets demo
PMS 84 · Easy Way Out
Unholy Salvation Of Sabbatai Zevi
Integrity · Howling For The Nightmare Shall Consume
Defy The Odds
Selective Aggression · demo
Alt Right Nightmare
The Enforcers · s/t
Xibalba · Diablo Con Amor Adios
Cujo · demo
Hammer On The Hearse
Witch Trial · demo
King Of The Ring
Gazm · Menace To Tha Earth
Blessed · II
Infidel · Smoking Room
Don't Speak To Me
Hag · demo
Medical Prison
Gardener · demo
Warfare's Pace
Prowl · Waging War
Self Critical Theory
Alien Boys · Self Critical Theory
All I Need
Inclination · demo
We Are Not Things
Want · demo
Trust Issues · Finding Peace In The Darkness
Beds Are Burning The Midnight Oil
Worse · demo
Haggatha · V