Flex Your Head Episode July 18, 2017

July 18 2017

6:01pm - 8:02pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

New Direction
Gorilla Biscuits · Start Today
Thorn In My Side
Quicksand · Manic Compression
Adderal Highway
Dead Heavens · s/t
Wasted Breath
Wasted Breath · demo
Trust Lost
Stone · Fear Grips
Domestic Class War
Cloaca · split w/ Recidive
Blessed · II
Rixe · Bapteme Du Fue
Dyed In The Wool
Profane Order · Marked As Malice
Waste Of Flesh
Tyrant · EP
Endless Death
Cell Rot · demo
Comfort In The Flame
World View · Wilt
PMS 84 · Easy Way Out
Momentum Of Death
Prowl · Waging War
Ibex Eye
Anciients · Voice Of The Void
Cock Sparrer · Forever
Taking You With Me
Career Suicide · Machine Response
Trust Issues · Finding Peace In The Darkness
Sandlot Party
Isotopes · 1994 World Series Champions
Future Killers
Concealed Blade · s/t
Run Home Jack
You Big Idiot · Happy Thougths
Anti Social
The Enforcers · s/t
The New Rituals · Sweets demo
20 Below
RVIVR · Bicker And Breathe
Thought Prison
Enemies · s/t
The Way It Is
Hard Pressed · promo
Serpent At The Crossroads
Integrity · Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume
Still Standing
Sore Points · demo
Backbite · demo
Waiting Around To Die
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic