Flex Your Head Episode April 25, 2017

April 25 2017

6:01pm - 8:00pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Downset · s/t
Suit And Tie Guy
D.R.I. · Four Of A Kind
No Work Today
Cheap Appeal · demo
Come Back For More
Turnstile · Move Thru Me
Candy · demo
Unbreakable Breed
Concrete · Unbreakable Breed
Mob Neurosis
Languid · Resist Mental Slaughter
Cease To Exist
Wasted Breath · demo
Remote Control Freak
Corner Boys · demo
Shadow Of Lies · demo
20 Below
RVIVR · Bicker And Breathe
Collagen · EP
World View · Wilt
Pathetic People
Fatigue · Scab
Life Slips Through My Hands
Car 87 · No Hope
Woe Monger · demo
Wasting My Life Away
Hot Heads · s/t
Neverending Greed
Lose Lose · demo
Grey Natives · Sweets
Waiting Around To Die
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Authority Abuse
Policy Of Truth · demo
The Product Is You
Incendiary · Thousand Mile Stare
The Price To Pay
Hopeless Youth · The Devil Walk With Me
Short Fuse
Youth Decay · The Party's Over
Unrelenting Force
Guilt Trip · Unrelenting Force
Glory And War
Hanging Heart · Flood
Career Suicide · Machine Response
Momentum · Bliss
I Quit
Shit Boys · The Literal Death
Bend The Steel
Concealed Blade · s/t
Mortality Rate · Sleep Deprivation
Social Collapse
Drown In Ashes · Failed Justice
Filled With Idiots
Haggatha · V