Flex Your Head Episode April 11, 2017

April 11 2017

6:02pm - 8:01pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Revel in My Loss
Shadows Fall · Somber Eys To The Sky
New Years Eve
Sunset On Broadway · s/t
Executioner's Axe
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Bought And Sold
Concealed Blade · s/t
Still Standing
Sore Points · demo
Lost In My Head
Candy · demo
Bleak Reality
Hard Pressed · On The Streets
Swallowing Bile
Haggatha · V
Degenerate Society
Eaten Alive · demo
Car 87 · No Hope
Intro / Get In Line
Enemies · demo
Failed Justice
Drown in Ashes · Social Collapase
Brotherhood Of The Banned
Crown Court · Capital Offense
Sick Heart
Alimony · demo
Someone's Chasing Me
Corner Boys · demo
Nothing Lost
Firing Squad · At Their Mercy
Hanging Heart · Flood
Dream On
Culture Abuse · Peach
I Don't Like It
Grey Natives · Sweet demo
Momentum · Bliss
Cold Case
Shit Boys · Literal Death
Bow To None
No Time · You'll Get Yours
Lethal Dose
Shallow End · Terrorizing The Jam
Guilt Trip · Unrelenting Force
Slow Burn Slow Death
Wall Breaker · demo
Intro / Knock Them Out
Lion's Law · Open Your Eyes
Moon Child
Hopeless Youth · Devil Walk With Me
Nosebleed · s/t
No Heart · s/t
Wasted Breath
Wasted Breath · demo
Kick Back
Lose Lose · demo
World View · Wilt