Flex Your Head Episode March 28, 2017

march 28 2017

6:01pm - 8:01pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Leeway · Born Top Expire
Ain't Like You
Blood For Blood · Outlaw Anthems
Poisoned Seeds
Buried Alive · The Death Of Your Perfect World
Quest For Herb
Murphy's law · Sunday Matinee
Here We Go
Shelter · Mantra
Martyr Immortal
Pulling Teeth · Martyr Immortal
The Tide
RVIVR · The Tide
Comfort In The Flame
World View · Wilt
Beds Are Burning The Midnight Oil
Worse · demo
Mortality Rate · Sleep Deprivation
Executioner's Tax
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Alien Boys · Self Critical Theory
Bishops Green · Back To Our Roots
Desgraciados · s/t
You Can't
Candy · demo
Firing Squad · At Their Mercy
Coffin Dragger · Desperation
Low Life
Momentum · Bliss
Love Me Anymore
Alimony · demo
Shit Society
No Time · You'll Get Yours
My Rules
Nosebleed · s/t
Be Alone
Sore Points · demo
Zero Zero
Drug Church · Swell
The Town
The Real McKenzies · Two Devil's Will Talk
Complete Degenerate
Cheap Appeal · demo
Limit · demo
Real Actual
Taxa · New Landscapes
Palm Reader
Woe Monger · demo
Gouge Away · Dies
You'll Never Matter Much To Them
Vanity · Don't be Shy
Closing Up Zhop
Anchoress · Anchoress Is Ruining My Life