Flex Your Head Episode March 14, 2017

March 14 2017 x

6:03pm - 8:01pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Live To Die
Death Sentence · s/t
We're Alive
Subhumans · Incorrect Thoughts
What You Gonna Do
Emergency · 1234
WhenIt All Falls Through
September · split w/ Truth About Angels
Wasted Life
Adversity · Lost It All
Set Foot · Aging
Speaking Of Heroes
Sparkmarker · Product And Accessories
The Source
Dissent · Behind The Lies
All For Nothing
Brand New Unit · No Heroes
Capone · What We've Shared
Jody's Song
Jody Taylor · s/t
Blood Red Dream
Fratricide · s/t
Circling Ahead
zFuck Me Dead · s/t
Scat Bird
Jaws · demo
Dancing On Their Ruins
The Attack · Mental Health
Dammit IV
Margaret Thrasher · Moderate Rock
What Fucking Problem
Snob · s/t
Farewell Pency · s/t
Kill The Messenger
Revenge · Awkward
Young Canadians · Hawaii
Zip Guns · s/t
Use Your Head
Reserve 34 · Everything
Split Finger Fastball
Hong Kong Blonde · s/t
d.b.s · Tales From The Crib
Canadian National Front
Curious George · Children Of A Common Mother
Run You Through
Blue Monday · What's Done Is Done
A Crow's Glory · Speakers Of The Truth
Let's Get Rad
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. · Worms
Another Joe · Plasti-Scene
Nothing To You
Hit The Bricks · demo
Death Cycle
Limb From Limb · Death Famine Plague
Our Mistakes
Go It Alone · Vancouver Gold
Bro Etiquette
Slingshot · Shmer
We're Not Like You
Alternate Action · We're Not Like You