Flex Your Head Episode October 25, 2016

Oct 25 2016

6:06pm - 8:02pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Hellbent And Hammered
Himsa · Death Is Infinite
Accident Prone
Jawbreaker · Dear You
Vultures · Malcontent
Stay And Suffer
Stepping Stone · Test Of Character
All The Same
Stagnation 73 · s/t
You've Had Your Fun
Guard Dog · demo
Wake · Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow
Alien Boys · Self Critical Theory
Peach Generation
Krimewatch · demo
Still Standing
Sore Points · demo
Die Young · No Illusions
Bad Reputation
Rare Form · demo
What's The Use
Infidel · Smoking Room
Digital Twilight Zone
Bouncing Souls · Simplicity
Glory And War
Hanging Heart · Flood
Easy 2 See
Gazm · Menace To Tha Earth
Brutal Youth · Sanguine
Turning Wheel
Straight Truth · Prisoner Of The World
I Want
Face To Face · Don't Turn Away
Hide In Shame
Triage · Power Beat
No Work Today
Cheap Appeal · demo
Dream On
Culture Abuse · Peach
Buried In Sand
Anciients · Voice Of The Void
Behind Your Eyes
Big Eyes · Stake Your Claim
Lion's Law · Open Your Eyes
Dead Weight
White Lung · Paradise
Waiting For Nothing
Youth Decay · The Party's Over
Wrong Or Right
Seaside Rebels · Changing Times
Sun Rock
Woolworm · s/t
As Expected
Vanity · Don't Be Shy