Flex Your Head Episode October 4, 2016

Oct. 4 2016

6:02pm - 8:00pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Boy And The River
By The Grace Of God · Perspective
Leeway · Born To Expire
Shades Of Blue
Ringworm · Snake Church
Love Hunter
Stepping Stone · Test Of Character
Let The Wound Bleed
Burn Your World · A Burden For All Your Days
Tear Me Down
Nettle · s/t
Mass Grave · The Absurdity Of Humanity
Terror State
Arm's Race · NWOBHC
White Lung · Paradise
Cut Short
Your Problem · s/t
One Way Ticket To Hell
Carpenter · Lifelines
Rare Form · s/t
Count The Pegs
Big Eyes · Stake My Claim
Crumb · demo
Rat Eater
Toxic Holocaust · Chemistry Of Consciousness
Alien Boys · Self Critical Theory
Last kaste · demo
Maximum Tolerated Dose
Black PIlls · demo
Slow Clap
Youth Decay · The Party's Over
We Are Not Things
Want · demo
Maybe I Was Wrong
Infidel · Smoking Room
Dead End
Fatal Vision · demo
Glory And War
Hanging Heart · Flood
Regret It
Sore Points · demo
The Emptiness Of
Eteranl Sleep · Parlor Tricks
More Rules
Watch Dog · demo
Fair Weather Friends · How Can I Get This For Free
White Eyes
Triage · Power Beat
Acquitted · No Vision In The Eyes Of Fools
Closing Up Zhop
Anchoress · Anchoress Is Ruining My Life
Old Buzz
Gardener · demo
Sun Rock
Woolworm · s/t
World View · demo
Honesty, Honestly
Living With Lions · Holy Shit