Flex Your Head Episode September 20, 2016

sept 20 2016

6:01pm - 8:02pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Wild In The Streets
Circle Jerks · Wild In The Streets
California Dreaming
The Faction · Collection 1982-1985
Wretched World
Burn Your World · A Burden For All Your Days
Who The Fuck Are You
Last Crusade · s/t
Real Actual
Taxa · New Landscapes
A Far Cry
Flowers And Fire · demo
Self Critical Theory
Alien Boys · Self Critical Theory
Patriots Not Fools
45 Adapters · Patriots Not Fools
One Kiss
Mizery · Absolute Light
Sunless Year
Tempest · s/t
King Of The Ring
Gazm · Menace To Tha Earth
Climate Change
Mortality Rate · Sleep Deprivation
Arms Race · New Wave Of British Hardcore
Wheels Of War
Wormwitch · The Long Defeat
You've Had Your Fun
Guard Dog · demo
Sago · City Wide Garbage Strike
Fucked Up
Acquitted · demo
Man In Uniform
No Time · You'll Get Yours
Bad Reputation
Rare Form · demo
Setback · Oppressed
Mortal Eternal
Die Young · No Illusions
The Surface
World View · demo
Hide In Shame
Triage · Power Beat
Nothing To Offer
Cheap Appeal · demo
Leave This Town
Big Eyes · Stake My Claim
Pain Cycle
Hot Shot · demo
Reaping Flesh
Black Breath · Slaves Beyond Death
Policy Of truth · demo
Hanging Heart · Flood
Murder · demo
Spoon Fed
Red Vision · s/t
Nothing Like You
Your Problem · s/t
You're A Puzzle
Fucked Up · Zanzibar
Moral Exit
Imminent Demise · Mandated Malevolence
Ruled By You
Brick Assassin · Bite The Hand That Feeds
The Idea Of North
Sightlines · North