Flex Your Head Episode August 9, 2016

August 9 2016

6:03pm - 8:02pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Fade Away
Burden · Strength Of Conviction
Something To Die For
A DeathFor Every Sin · In A Time Where Hope Is Lost
Mongoose V. Cobra
The Jolts · No Paradoxes
Culture Abuse · Peach
Typical Broken Heart
Eternal Sleep · The Emptiness Of
Hold Your Tongue
Dig It Up · Bad Water
Lysol · Wired
Oaf · E.C.
Self Evicted
Criminal Instinct · Zone 6 Music
Comfortable Scars
Lost Love · Comfortable Scars
Criminal Bootboys
Criminal · Amongst The Thugs
Intro/Leech II
Policy Of Truth · demo
Death Yellows Life And Reason
Fury · Paramount
Fear Fire Foes
Wormwitch · The Long Defeat
Woolworm · Everything Seems Obviuous
Hard Pass
Nettle · demo
Stay True
True Love · Heavens Too Good For Us
Wounding Pattern
Tempest · s/t
Amber Mote
Full Of Hell · Amber Mote In The Black Vault
Dead End
Fatal Vision · demo
Crossed Wires · False Spring
World View · demo
Rixe · Les Nerfs A Vifs
A Letter To Myself
Black PIlls · demo
Crosses And Wreaths
Spectres · Utopia
Fuck You
No Time · You'll Get Yours
Last Kaste · demo
Your Problem · s/t
Let Me Bleed
Brick Assassin · Bite The Hand That Feeds
Deep Love
Angel Dust · Rock The Fuck On Forever
Cheat Death
Bent Life · Neber Asked For Heaven
Beautiful Mouth / Climate Change
Mortality Rate · Sleep Deprivation
Injustice 4 All
Mizery · Absolute Light
On The Streets
Hard Pressed · On The Streets