Flex Your Head Episode May 3, 2016

May 3 2016

6:03pm - 7:58pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Don't Got TO Prove It
Civ · Set Your Goals
Bouncing Souls · Hopeless Romantic
Sunles Year
Tempest · s/t
Thin Line
Fury · 2016 promo
Selfist · Dystopia Now
Dowrr · demo
All The Same
Stagnation 73 · demo
Father Inferior
God's Hate · Mass Murder
Social Suicide
Concealed Blade · tour tape
Cheat II
Oaf · demo III
Moon Child
Hopeless Youth · Devil Walk With Me
Think Twice
Zero · Say No More
Culture Abuse · Peach
Rotting Away
Acquitted · No Vision In The Eyes Of Fools
Biological Imperative
Void Of Heaven · demo
Dark Circles · split w/ Abstractor
No Time · You'll Get Yours
Smoke Screen
Facade · demo
Rocky VII
Lost Love · Comfortable Scars
The Surface
World View · demo
Lower Depths · demo
It's In The Attitude
Wild Side · s/t
Blood On My Boots
Cinderblock · demo
Can't Walk Away
Bishops Green · A Chance To Change
Cretins · Can't Think Like You
Last Resort · s/t
No More
Dome Of Obedience · demo
Rites To Annihilate The Sun
Wormwitch · The Long Defeat
Twist The Knife
Stepping Stone · s/t
Everyone Is SIck
Torso · Sono Pronta A Morire
Climate Change
Mortality Rate · Sleep Deprivation
Sightlines · North
Hateful Vision
Green Beret · Standing At The Mouth Of Hell
Manos Atadas
Gaucho · s/t
Nothing Like You
Your Problem · s/t