Flex Your Head Episode March 29, 2016

march 29 2016

6:01pm - 8:01pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

New Direction
Gorilla Buscuits · Start Today
Youth Of Today · Sunday Matinee
The Hammer Of Doubt
Power Trip · Manifest Decimation
Burn · s/t
Fence Walker
Rude Awakening · Collateral Damage
Jesus Piece · s/t
No Exceptions
Floorpunch · Fast Times At The Jersey Shore
Dress For Distress
Done Dying · Dress For Distress
Primitive Rage
Incendiary · Cost Of Living
Upside Down
Angel Dust · Rock The Fuck On Forever
Your Picture Hung Itself
Most Precious Blood · Our Lady Of Annihilation
Here Lies The Future
Haymaker · split w/ Fucked Up
My Friend
Wisdom In Chains · The Missing Links
Eternal Sleep · Belief In The Truth Of Nothing
Strife · One Truth
Crashing Down
Blistered · Reject Their Shame
Zao · Liberate Te Ex Infernis
Military Issue
Freedom · USA Hardcore
Killing Time · Brightside
Deep Into The Night
Year Of The Knife · Deep Into The Night
We Live Free
Free · demo
Shake The Ghost
World Be Free · Anti-Circle
Integrity · Humanity Is The Devil
World So Full
Criminal Instinct · Fever
The Lives We Fear
Ruiner · Prepare To Be Let Down
Barb And Sap
Full Of Hell · Amber Mote In The Black Vault
The Most Hight
Terror · Live By The Code
Out On The Streets Vol. 1
True Love · A Floral Note
Mindless Acceptance
Protester · Paincave Sessions
Nail In The Coffin
Absolute Suffering · Death Is Guaranteed
Breakdown · demo