Flex Your Head Episode March 22, 2016

march 22 2016

6:02pm - 7:58pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Painful Reminder
SNFU · Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes
Crumbsuckers · Life Of Dreams
20 Below
RVIVR · Bicker And Breathe
Civilization Eclipse
Erosion · Kill Us All
Path Of Misery
Putrid Brew · Return To The Valley
Acquitted · demo 2015
Pestilent Clutch
Primal Rite · Pestilent Clutch
Dance All Night
Shandy · Dance All Night
Outcast Stomp
G.L.O.S.S. · demo
Fear Fire Foes
Wormwitch · The Long Defeat
Everyday Is Hell
Triage · demo
Nothing To Offer
Cheap Appeal · demo
Twitching Tongues · Disharmony
Wounding Pattern
Tempest · s/t
Culture Abuse · Spray Paint The Dog
Combatant · demo
The Surface
World View · demo
Bishops Green · A Chance To Change
Eye Of The Beholder
Void Of Heaven · demo
I Missed The Boat
Taxie · demo
World Is Too White
Woolworm · Vampirism
No Enemies
No Time · promo
Naive Sense · Art Failures
In Those NIghts
Urban Savage · 4 Song EP
time And Suffering
Haggatha · split w/ Moloch
Morne · Asylum
The New Faith
Foundation · Turncoat
Glory Days
Stray Dogs · demo