Flex Your Head Episode March 1, 2016

march 1 2016

6:01pm - 7:57pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

First Blood · Loaded Comp
Godless Freedom Fighters
Rambo · Bring It
Set The Stage
Warriors · War Is Hell
Brothers Keeper · The Continuum
Thin Line
Fury · 2016 Promo
Survive The Vibe
Mizery · Survive The Vibe
Under Siege · After The Flood
P.S. Fuck You
Breaker Breaker · 2YKx1
Before And After
Risky Business · Some Days
Straight Edge Revenge
Project X · Straight Edge Revenge
Outbreak · Eaten Alive
Waste Of Time/ Come Get It
Internal Affairs · demo
Force Fed
Sum Of All Fears · From This Day Forward
Behind This Wall
Turning Point · 1988-1991
Chip On My Shoulder
Slapshot · Greatest Hits
The Way To Myself
True Colours · Focus On The Light
When It All Falls Through
September · spit w/ Truth About Angels
Pathetic Life
Unforgiven · Last Of The Few
Rise And Fall
Collateral Damage · Ten Years Later
Can't Turn The Tide
Enforcer · Trail Of Darkness
Hit Or Miss
Down By Law · Punkrockacademyfightsong
Let's Get Rad
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. · Worms
Till Death
Brotherhood · As Thick As Blood
Losing Touch
Big Eyes · Almost Famous
As Good As Dead
Blood In Blood Out · No One Conquers Who Doesn't Fight
Times We Share
Desperate Measures · It's On Your Hands