Flex Your Head Episode January 5, 2016

Jan 5 2016

6:02pm - 8:00pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Sing Along
Final Exit · Straight Edge As Fuck Vol. 2
Danger Zone
Death Sentence · Stop Killing Me
World IS Too White
Woolworm · Vampirism
Bore Me
The Struggle · Coretex Selector
How Mnay Days
Grease Thieves · The Wolrd This Hour
Unbreakable Breed
Concrete · Unbreakable Breed
Thin Line
Fury · 2016 Promo
Map Of The Heavens
Build And Destroy · Map Of The Heavens
No Redemption
Systematik · Bondage
Iron Grip
Selfist · Dystopia Now
Vulgar Display · winter promo
The Light Of Sun
Sweet Jesus · You Destroy Yourself
Military Issue
Freedom · USA Hardcore
Game Of Fools
Night Prowler · Stalin's Boots
Nail In The Coffin
Absolute Suffering · Death Is Guaranteed
Buffalo Jump
Ape War · This Is Fucked
Mace · demo
We Live Free
Free · demo
Baby Worm
Bib · demo
Chokehold · Prison Of Hope
Your Own
FLQ · s/t
Nowhere To Go
Last Crusade · s/t
Jesus Piece · s/t
Proxy · A Roar Of Indignation
Feeding Time
S.H.I.T. · Feeding Time
Army Of One
Rogue Trooper · demo
Love Conquers None
Twitching Tongues · Disharmony
Your World
Bat's Out · Flying Blind
Modern Scum
I.C.E. · 4 Songs
Wet Floor
Taxie · demo
Dead Inside
Protestor · Paincave Sessions
True Identity · demo
Cowards Punch
Black Ball · Cowards Punch
Late To The Party
Dilletantes · demo
Twice Rather Than Once
Harm Done · Abuse / Abused
Sin City
Terrible Feelings · Tremors
Baptists · Bloodmines