Flex Your Head Episode November 24, 2015

nov. 24 2015

6:05pm - 7:01pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Quest For Herb
Murphy's Law · Sunday Matinee
Vision Of Disorder · s/t
Drink Rum And Eggnog
Angry Snomans · s/t
Bish Bosh Bash
Shandy · Bish Bosh Bash
20 Below
RVIVR · Bicker And Breathe
Tempest · Attonement
Lost Generation
Bishops Green · A Chance To Change
What It All Means To Me
Cold Snap · We Can't Go On This Way
Cheat II
Oaf · demo III
Putrid Brew · Return To The Valley
Roll The Dice
Eliminator · demo
Vinyl Fetishists
45 Adapters · Patriots Not Fools
Dowrr · demo
The New Faith
Foundation · Turncoat
Choosing Sides
No Tolerance · You Walk Alone