Flex Your Head Episode April 21, 2015

Broadcast on 21-Apr-2015

6:00pm - 8:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Turnpike Gates
Lifetime · Jersey's Best Dancers
Bro Hymn
Pennywise · s/t
Fucked Up
Acquitted · demo
Smash The State
Fashionism · s/t
Firing Squad · demo
The System
Shadow Of Doubt · s/t
Black Water
Terrible Feelings · Tremors
Let's Go Rob A Bank
Harrington Saints · s/t
Prayer Flags
Recovery · demo
Oaf · demo II
Leave Me Out
Violent Reaction · Marching On
Adam's Broken Rib
Longest War · s/t
Death Shake
Blockhead · demo
Desgracioados · demo
3 Stretch
Crown Court · Ruck And Roll
Constant Fear · Dronekill
Pura Mania · La Estafa Musical
Another Nightmare
Systematik · Bondage
Unholy Agony II
Red Death · s/t
Italian Homes
Downtown Struts · Hope You're Dope
What It Takes
Eliminator · demo
Feeding Time
S.H.I.T. · Feeding Time
Hired Goons · We Breed Ugly
But Does It Work?
Drug Church · Swell
Flower Of Hastings
Horhaus · Music For The Sexually Active
Out Of Luck
Throwing Bricks · demo
Whatever Happened To The Angry Brigade
The Concrete Gods · We Breed Ugly
Wage Slave
Concealed Blade · demo
For Profit
Baptists · Bloodmines
A Far Cry
Flowers And Fire · demo
Back For More
The Flex · Don't Bother With The Outside World
Bishops Green · Pressure
World Of Fear
Putrid Brew · Return To The Valley
Outcast Stomp
G.L.O.S.S. · demo
Take It Back
Severe · Distorted Views
Cement Shoes
Dead Hand · Sandy Hill
Casualty Of Love
Mizery · Survive The Vibe