Flex Your Head Episode August 6, 2013

Broadcast on 06-Aug-2013

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Shoulder To The Wheel
Saves The Day · Through Being Cool
Set To Go / Icicle
Reserve 34 · Rain City Games
RVIVR · The Beauty Between
In Silence
Green Berets · Violence Is Their Currency
Last And First Things
Bison BC · Lovelessness
Entitlement generation
Brick Assassins · Under One Flag
Stick Tight
Terror · Keepers Of The Faith
Systematik · s/t
Menace · Agony
Skin In The Game
Vile Intent · Skin In The Game
What If
The Real Danger · Down And Out
Between Two Lines
Spectres · Nothing To Nowhere
Intro/Ad Nauseum
Walkout · demo
Izmir Stinger
The Casanovas · Ruins
Merry On Judgement
Downpresser · Don't Need A Reason
The Crow
Bishops Green · S/T
Taking A Penguin For A Walk
Witch Of The Waste · All Other Voices
Home For halloween
Best Practices · Sore Subjects
Show No Mercy
Strife · Witness A Rebirth
Plastic People
Rapid Loss · s/t
Intro/Hire Power
Hired Goons · demo
Basement Brigade
Razors In The Night · Under One Flag
Falling In Line
Anciients · Heart Of Oak
Living Deadbeats · s/t
Brothers In Arms
Noi!se · Rising Tide
Young Turks · Half Hearted
Conditioned To Death
Power Trip · Manifest Decimation
Cross Doubt/Barrier Youth/Brain Tape
Depressing · Life Just gets Worse
Burnt Sacrifice
Incendiary · Cost Of Living
Hassler · Amorality
Half The Time
Big Eyes · Almost Famous
Stealers · Under One Flag
Shoot Up And Die
Car 87 · Trapped
The Kids Are Innocent
Hard Skin · On The Balls
A Question
Rotting Out · The Wrong Way