Finding the Funny Episode March 12, 2018

Styled Comedy

6:00pm - 6:30pm

A truly exciting episode of some of the wackiest characters in comedy! From dirty, to odd, to downright silly, this episode covers the spectrum of comedy styles in three outstanding performances! Plus a special 'Interview with Doug' segment, speaking with comedian Evany Rosen and learning about her book "What I Think Happened."

Track Listing:

Dirty Nursery Rhymes
Andrew Dice Clay · The Diceman Cometh
A Whole Croissant
Reggie Watts · Why Shit So Crazy 2010
Reggie Watts · Why Shit So Crazy 2010
Peanut: Can you hear me now?
Jeff Dunham · Arguing with Myself
Interview With Doug
Evany Rosen · What I Think Happened
Hot Boxes
Jack and Patrick Di Blasio · No Album