Finding the Funny Episode December 18, 2017

Musical Comedy

6:00pm - 6:30pm

Music and comedy have gone hand in hand since the beginning of entertainment in general, from comedic ballads in early theatre to the songs of a court jester, the addition of instruments provides the perfect set up for a good punch line. Mix in today's parody loving public and you have this episode. Raps, Country songs, Rock songs, any type of music can be made to be funny, and if it's making fun of it's very genre, that's even better!

Track Listing:

The Lonely Island ft. Justin Timberlake · Saturday Night Live
Cool Guys Don't Look at
The Lonely Island ft. Will Ferrell · Saturday Night Live
White and Nerdy
Weird Al Yankovich · Straight Outta Lynwood
Professional Rapper
Lil Dicky · Professional Rapper
Country Song
Bo Burnham · Make Happy
Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton
Epic Rap Battles of History · ERB
Hot Boxes
Jack and Patrick Di Blasio · No Album