Finding the Funny Episode May 15, 2017

Improv Comedy

6:04pm - 6:34pm

The world of improvisation comedy is full of life and full of laughs. Host Nico McEown plays clips from two of his favourite Improv shows and plays a special introduction from a movie now on Netflix. Listen in for great tips of the trade and suggestions of local Improv shows!

Track Listing:

3 Rules of Improv
Don't Think Twice · Improv Introduction
S.S Poseidon
Whose Line is it Anyway · 2 Line Vocabulary
Whose Line is it Anyway · Irish Drinking Song
Tina Fey and Andy Richter
Upright Citizens Brigade · Asssscat
Louis C.K.
Upright Citizens Brigade · Asssscat
Hot Boxes
Jack and Patrick Di Blasio · No Album