Finding the Funny Episode March 13, 2017

Comedy in Movies

6:02pm - 6:32pm

Comedy isn't just a form taken by Stand-Up comics, almost every movie in the modern era will utilize jokes throughout the piece, even if it's leaning in the drama or even horror spectrum. Self awareness seems to be a more and more prominent feature of comedy in movies, do you like when a movie pokes fun at itself, or does it take away from the story? Can a movie get away with using stand-up jokes, or is it different when it's in a film?

Track Listing:

Sex Panther
Anchorman · No Album
Having a Bad/Good Trip
22 Jump Street · No Album
Welcome to 22 Jumpstreet
22 Jump Street · No Album
Watch DEADPOOL Easter Eggs, Secret Cameos & References
Mr. Sunday Movies · No Album
Ryan Reynolds Line
Deadpool · No Album
Full Retard
Tropic Thunder · No Album
Hot Boxes
Jack and Patrick Di Blasio · No Album