Finding the Funny Episode March 6, 2017

Swearing in Comedy

6:04pm - 6:34pm

Profanity is a debated subject in almost all aspects of entertainment, how far is too far? Despite being mostly dominated with comics who use the art of the swear throughout the majority of their work, there are still a number of "clean" comics. Does it take more skill to get a laugh without a swear? What distinguishes the difference between a cheap laugh or emphatic genius through the use of such powerful language?

Track Listing:

Mom told me not to swear
Mike Birbiglia · Thank god for jokes
Swearing in Comedy
Talking Funny · HBO Special
Hot Boxes
Jack and Patrick Di Blasio · No Album
YouTube Comments
Moshe Kasher · The Laugh Factory
Mr. Burnham
Bo Burnham · What