Finding the Funny Episode February 6, 2017

New Set or Best Jokes

6:00pm - 6:30pm

Do you like when a comedian does bits they're famous for in a live show, or should they use entirely new sets? Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK are two of the top comedians of all time and they differ in style and method. Which style is best? This episode features a variety of stand-up comedy bits interspersed with thoughts and comments by yours truly, host and comedian, Nico McEown.

Track Listing:

Talking Funny
Various · HBO Special
NFL Draft
Bill Burr · I'm Sorry You Feel That Way
John Mulaney · New in Town
Youtube Comments
Moshe Kasher · The Laugh Factory
Mr. Burnham
Bo Burnham · What.
Hot Boxes
Jack Di Blasio and Patrick Di Blasio · No Album
The Three Italian Bears
Lou Monte · No Album