Fill-in Show Episode December 11, 2023

SSN Radio Show #4

11:05am - 12:06pm

The fourth SSN (Song Starters Network) radio broadcast showcasing members' music made over the winter 2023 school term.

Track Listing:

SSN Theme
Not Joking · n/a
No Surprises
Louis and Jedd · n/a
We Never Change
Louis and Jedd · n/a
Krishna Garcha, Mitchell Larson, and Connor Quinton · n/a
That New Music
Mattias and JB · n/a
The Ripple Effect
Nanami, Owen, and Louis · n/a
Don't Hang ur Knits
kidlucky and Cooked Sushi · n/a
Spirit of Hope
Kirbeats · n/a
All That I Am
Cariboo Coast · n/a
Carmel by the Sea
Cariboo Coast · n/a
Santa Baby
NRINI · n/a
Space Worm
SSN · n/a