Fill-in Show Episode May 11, 2023

Nina Panini's Playlist

1:03pm - 2:02pm

Nina Panini is back on the grid for some sporadic music sharing. Today's show features the latest releases from local rockers Tonk, Rudy, Devours, Gadfly, Fretgau, Idle Moon, and more. Favourite tracks of today are the honest/soul-wrenching tunes from Kara Jackson and Black Belt Eagle Scout.

Track Listing:

Red Wine
Winona Forever · Acrobat
Gadfly · Apranik
Blindly Running Toward the Ocean
Idle Moon · Nomad
Down in the Bar Room
Tonk · Down in the Bar Room
Sleep Like a Baby
Rudy · Sleep Like a Baby
The Bug
Megamall · Escape From Lizard City
Rag Doll
Packs · Crispy Crunchy Nothing
Kara Jackson · Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?
Shalom · Sublimation
Jacuzzi My Stonewall
Devours · Homecoming Queen
Submerge FM
Yaeji · With a Hammer
Braids · Euphoric Recall
Ft Song 7
AkaSublime · FT Songs Mixtape
Black Belt Eagle Scout · The Land, The Water, The Sky
Endless Thursday
Fretgau · Second Orbit